PIDCO pledges $50K for Rees restoration

The marquee of the Rees Theater is lit up for a reunion of Plymouth High School football players in September.
Staff Writer

At its July board meeting, voting members of the Plymouth Industrial Development Corp. – PIDCO – unanimously identified The REES Theatre Project as a catalyst for redevelopment in the downtown and a critical component in continuing to attract residential growth that will support business and industry.  
It was agreed to invest a total of $50,000 into The REES Project over a period of four years.
This capital investment into the downtown business district will further support ongoing efforts of economic development in and around Plymouth. 
“The sole purpose of this corporation has always been to drive economic development through investment and that mission continues today,” board President Mike Miley said in a news release. “PIDCO has evolved over the course of time and continues in its quest to secure industrial growth in association with the Marshall County Economic Development Corp. along with a focus on the retail sector.”
Co-chair of The REES Project, Randy Danielson, and his wife, Eleanor, were at the July 16 meeting.
“We were extremely pleased with the board’s level of financial support and commitment in joining the City of Plymouth and many others who are striving to meet the Oct. 31 Regional Cities deadline to capture a $300,000 matching grant,” Randy Danielson said.