Physical is the key to Rockies match up with Warsaw

Cole Filson looks for running room last week against Kokomo
Rusty Nixon
Sports Editor

It’s Blueberry Festival weekend in Plymouth and if it is going to be a fun one for a Plymouth Rockie, he might be a little black and blue on Saturday.
Warsaw comes to town riding a two game winning streak to open NLC play and enjoying your favorite carnival ride might depend on a win for Plymouth.
The Rockies found some success a week ago at Kokomo.
“Hopefully you get better from week one to week two,” said Plymouth coach John Barron. “Hopefully we got better. We still have some areas of concern about our team but a lot of that has to do with injuries.
“It’s good to be home. It’s not just the bus ride when you travel, it’s the training staff the filming, the managers making sure every body is packed, just to do those things and play against really good teams - you’d rather be 2-0 but I think we did get better and I’m glad our defense played the way we did.”
The bright spot at Kokomo was a defense that put two scores on the board and gave the Plymouth offense a chance to breathe.
“Our defense was outstanding with two scores and great field position all night,” said Barron. “Both of the big plays we gave up we got burned being in a stunt. We want to be really aggressive but we need to stunt intelligently and have the instincts to read things. We’re getting there.”
Offensively the Rockies have some weapons but need to find a way to get them the ball.
“(Garrett) Schrameyer is a guy who is obviously going to be circled on anybody’s scouting report I think he’s scored half our touchdowns,” said Barron. “I think we can do whatever we want with Cole (Filson). He’s smart, he’s big and he’s strong and physical, trying to find ways to get him the ball is important to us we have to get him more involved.
“We have to establish a running game. We have an explosive kid (Blake Reed) that can do some damage when he gets space and (Seth) Rundell is another guy we want to get the ball to.”
It will be an entirely different Warsaw team that lines up across the field from the Rockies on Friday night. New head coach Bart Curtis brings a flex option game and an aggressive defense to the Tigers.
“I think that he (Bart Curtis) has them playing hard and the telling sign for me is the defense,” said Barron. “The defense is much more aggressive. They are more physical. Their defense does get to the ball a lot quicker than they used to. That’s what stands out to me.”
“It isn’t a Warsaw team that Plymouth fans are used to,” said Barron. “They are going to run the ball 99.9 percent of the time. The quarterback is going to be under center and they are going to be in flex, something that our fans have seen us do in the past. They are 2-0 for the first time in I can’t remember when. They will be ready to play.”
“We have to be really physical on defense,” said Barron. “They are going to get after us. They are very physical up front. They are very simple. It’s a lot of straight lines. A lot of dive, a lot of option football that we have to be physical with. We have to be the more aggressive team we have to be the more confident team, I don’t care if it’s on offense or defense.”