PHS Speech Team finishes 2nd in Class AA

Katy Smith and Jada Anglin.
Carol Anders

The Plymouth Speech team showed how determination and practice can produce great results as they competed at the last tournament at the state level on March 9. The team finished 2nd in Class AA and 4th overall at the Indiana High School Forensic Association (IHSFA) state final at Fishers High School on March 9.

They took 40 entries to the sectional where students qualify for state. Of the 40, 36 advanced to the state competition. Of those 36, 31 entries made it into quarterfinals, 21 entries headed into the semifinals, and 13 competed in final rounds.

Katy Smith and Jade Anglian were the winners in Humor and Drama.

Other competitors in the final rounds placed as follows:

Bridget Schafer, 2nd in Oratory and 4th in Drama; Madison Smith, 2nd in Humor and 4th in Duo; Rylee Tostevin, 3rd in Drama and 4th in Duo; Trent McKenzie, 3rd in Foreign Extemp; Levi Crawford, 4th in POI and 6th in Duo; Edgar Garcia, 4th in Informative; Jacob Moreno, 5th in POI; Jada Anglin, 5th in Prose, and Andrew Haines, 6th in Duo.

Semi-finalists included: Andrew Haines, Drama; Austin Kizer, Humor and OP; Katie Buckland, OP; Elizabeth Méndez, Informative; Edgar Garcia, Oratory; Josie Edwards, Oratory; Katy Smith, POI; and Fernando Cortez, Foreign Extemp.

Quarter-finalists included: Leslie Dorantes, Broadcasting; Jack Garner, Discussion; Holly DeSalle, Prose; Katie Buckland, Prose; Ana Baca, Prose and POI; Trent McKenzie, Impromptu; Brenna Large, United States Exempt; Holly DeSalle, OP; and Josie Edwards, Poetry.

Sixteen of the team members will be graduating this year.

Head Coach, David McKenzie said, “This squad is a throwback in many ways. It was not uncommon for us to graduate this many students from our program in the first decade if the 2000’s.” He added, “Then, the school culture underwent a shift here at Plymouth and statewide with increased college preparation demands, more students spending time at jobs, and increased access to personal technology ranging from gaming systems, to computers, to tablets, to cell phones.”

McKenzie said the key to the success of this squad has been their dedication to improvement.

“Yes, they have talent," he said. "However, this group was willing to spend the time and develop their talents. A lot of students have potential. Those willing to fully develop their potential are the exception.”

McKenzie is optimistic for next year’s team.

“The example set by our graduating seniors for the underclassmen was strong." he said. "While we graduate a lot, we are looking forward to seeing our younger students blossom and replicate what they saw from this group of seniors.”