PHS 'Drive' event will raise $ for New Tech school

PLYMOUTH — Plymouth residents may be familiar with Oliver Ford’s “Drive One 4 YOUR School” fundraising events, but this Saturday’s proceedings will be a little different.
“Drive Smart for Your School” will feature Lincoln cars, with money from test drives going toward the Plymouth School of Inquiry, Plymouth High School’s New Tech school opening this fall. For each person that test drives one of the cars, $20 will be donated to the school by Lincoln. Oliver Ford plans to match this, making a total donation of $40 per test drive.
“We are trying to reach 300 test drives, and we need a good turnout to reach the $6,000 goal for the school,” said John Oliver of Oliver Ford. “It will cost nothing (for the test driver), it will take five minutes, and I promise we won’t try to sell anyone a car.”
Oliver said that he is excited to back the Plymouth School of Inquiry.
“The School of Inquiry is possibly the way teaching in moving toward in the future,” said Oliver. “They weren’t getting a lot of support outside of the school, so we thought, let’s put our new cars with the new schools.”
Parents of Plymouth students and staff of the School of Inquiry will be volunteering for the event, according to School of Inquiry principal Ken Olson.
“This is the first time the Lincoln brand is being used for a drive event,” said Olson. “We are really excited to be able to partner with a great local company like Oliver Ford and with great cars like the Lincolns.”
Olson added that the event will give the school the chance to raise funds still needed for the School of Inquiry.
“We’ve raised over $400,000 in a little less than a year, due to grants and generous donations from members of the community,” said Olson. “But we still need some more money. The event maxes out at $6,000 with 300 test drivers, and we are hoping to get that money for the school.”
“We are there to show off the Lincolns and help Plymouth High School,” said Jennifer Houin of Oliver Ford. “The Oliver family has been wanting to be a part of the New Tech school. We are not there to push buying a car from Oliver Ford for any reason.”
The drive event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, in the north parking lot of Plymouth High School. Test drivers must be 18 years of age or older and must possess a valid driver’s license. Only one driver per household is permitted. Plymouth baseball players will also be selling Tom’s Tasty Taters near the football field at the same time.