PCSC releases ISTEP investigation results

PLYMOUTH — The Plymouth Community School Corporation issued a press release this week concerning the results of an investigation launched after it was discovered that portions of the eighth grade ISTEP (Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress) test given at Lincoln Junior High during the 2010-11 school year had to be invalidated.
On or about May 1, it was discovered that there were irregularities concerning the preparation given to some students prior to the test itself. The school self-reported the problem to the Department of Education (DOE).
At that time, school administrators said, “This action is being taken because these students received a review sheet in class that contained several questions that were on a portion of these year’s multiple choice test taken this week.”
After an investigation by an independent investigator, it was found that there were no state statutes or school policies broken.
In a telephone interview late Wednesday afternoon, Superintendent Dan Tyree said it was determined that the teacher used a study sheet that contained test questions, however, “there was no knowledge of replicating the test questions.”
Tyree said if the investigation had found otherwise, there would have been state or school policies violated.
Previously, Tyree said, “The students did nothing wrong. Their grades and advancement to ninth grade will not be affected by this incident.”
He had said, “We believe the integrity of the ISTEP testing process to be of the utmost importance and this is why we have made the determination to invalidate this portion of the test and conduct an investigation.”
The parents of the students affected had been notified in a letter immediately after the matter was brought to light.
According to Tyree, a summary of the independent investigation was sent to the DOE.