Park continues input process for five-year plan

PLYMOUTH — The Plymouth Park Department continued its idea phase in preparation of its new five-year plan.
A public meeting was held after the Department's normal monthly board meeting Monday evening and the board heard from several citizens with ideas for the plan. Tony Gamble came forward with a project that has been on his mind for several years.
Gamble's young son has cerebral palsy and has not been able to play on a playground. He would like the Plymouth Park Department to consider adding to the five year plan an all inclusive playground where children of all abilities can play. He brought plans and information from a playground that the Fort Wayne Park Department broke ground on recently and hopes to have complete by Memorial Day.
The park would include playground equipment that children in wheelchairs or with other needs could play and parents of all abilities would be able to play with them.
Gamble said that some sorts of playgrounds even have equipment that can be useful for the sensory needs of autistic children.
The plan for the Fort Wayne playground also includes a splash pad in the middle — something that has long been on the Park Department wish list.
Resident Wilson Gerard made the suggestion of incorporating several spots for RVs to park in Centennial Park.
Park Department Superintendent Mike Hite said that local residents have made many suggestions regarding projects or improvements to the park.
The main suggestions involve maintaining and updating existing playground equipment, a dog park, more police supervision, more senior activities, and attention to rest rooms.
Hite said the Department should have a rough draft of the report soon.
The final draft is due on April 15 in order for the Department to be eligible for consideration for DNR grant money.