Park Board will consider land purchase

By Rusty Nixon
Staff Writer

PLYMOUTH - The Plymouth Park Department has begun exploring the possibility of buying some land.
Property to the east directly adjacent to property the park already owns on the Plymouth/Goshen Trail has come on the market. The Park Board has begun the process of exploring if the cost might be worth the purchase of the 4.8 acres.
“That would be a natural direction for us to expand if we ever would decide to,” said Park Board President Dave Morrow. “We’ve started to look into whether it would be feasible for us to purchase that property at this time.”
By statute the board must seek two appraisals and is prohibited from offering more for the property than the average of those two appraisals. Park Superintendent Mike Hite told the board that he had commissioned the two appraisals and had hoped to have numbers for consideration at the board’s meeting Monday night but they were not completed in time.
Once the appraisals have been completed Hite and the board will discuss the purchase. The property is land only, a house in the area is owned separately and not part of the proposed real estate.
Hite told the board that he will employ the services of USI Consultants to do inspections on all the bridges on the Greenways Trail, the walk bridge at the end of LaPorte Street in downtown Plymouth that will be part of the new River Park Square project and the covered bridge over the creek in Centennial Park.
Hite pointed out that county bridges are all inspected every two years, and the walk bridges on the Greenway Trail have not been inspected since they were installed in 2006. He also told the board that he could find no record of when the other bridges had last been inspected.
He stated that he planned on a similar type of inspection rotation for Park bridges as employed by the county in order to make sure they remain in good condition.