Park board five-year plan draft found online

NAPPANEE — The Nappanee Park Board announced that Nappanee residents can now view a draft of their five-year parks and recreation plan online at the city’s website and post comments on Facebook Page
During the park board’s regularly scheduled meeting Oct. 10, they will open the floor for additional public comment. Consideration will be given for submission of the draft plan to state for review and comment.
The board will meet at 4:30 p.m. in the police/EMS station building at 301 W. Lincoln St. This plan is revised on a five-year cycle and guides the board for both current and future plans and decisions; making lives better for all residents of Nappanee. 
The survey is required by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources; Division of Outdoor Recreation and allows the department to remain eligible for competitive federal funding grant opportunities.