One on one with Mack Mercer

Q - Tell me about your family and the important people in your life...
A - I live with my mom and dad, and David Lee moved in with us over the summer so he’s basically my brother now.

Q - What’s that like?
A - Well to go from being an only child to having David around was a little different. I really like him being there and having somebody around to talk to.

Q - David seems like the kind of guy that would be fun to be around...
A - He’s definitely fun to be around, I can talk to him about anything. I just enjoy having him around.

Q - I know you’ve been under a microscope with all the recruiting stuff, how do you deal with that kind of attention?
A - I appreciate it all, I’m really trying to enjoy it. There’s some stuff I kinda try and ignore. Just be a normal guy and hang out with other people and not let it affect me.

Q - You’ve been involved in other things athletically. Is basketball your favorite?
A - Basketball is definitely my favorite. It was hard. I could be swimming right now. I gave that up coming into junior high. I mean it’s hard watching swim meets and stuff like that. I miss it, but it was a sacrifice I had to make.

Q - That has to be tough. You were a state champion in swimming right?
A - Yeah. When I was 10 I won the state twice in back stroke. It was a cool experience and everything, but it was a sacrifice I had to make. I hope it pays off.

Q - When you’re not doing anything what do you like to do?
A - I like to play X-Box sometimes. I play “Call of Duty” and “2K Basketball”. Other than that I talk to David and hang out with him...

Q - Who are you in 2K Basketball?
A - In the new 2K 13 I’m actually Alan Iverson from the ‘01 76ers, back when he was in his prime. I’m averaging about 68 points a game with him right now.

Q - When you can be anybody, you want to be the point guard?
A - Yeah. Definitely yeah.

Q - Do you try to talk Coach Bales into playing you there?
A - (Smiling) Every now and then I try to slip something in. (Laughs) He always catches me so I haven’t gotten lucky yet.

Q - Do you have a favorite movie?
A - Hmm. I don’t know, I like a lot of movies. My favorite sports movie would be Hoosiers...

Q - It doesn’t have to be a sports movie...
A - I like comedies, “Pulp Fiction”, I like all the Star Wars movies. I’m kind of a nerd about Star Wars. I guess that’s a “fun fact” about me...

Q - Okay, if you were a Star Wars character who would you be?
A - Man...that’s a hard one. I would have to go with Jango Fett or Boba Fett. I just love that character; I always wanted to be them growing up.

Q - What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?
A - That’s tough. Gosh. I gotta say “The Empire Strikes Back”. They have a new one coming out next year I think. That’ll be good.

Q - If you could give any advice to somebody that wants to follow in your shoes what would it be?
A - Go for your dreams right away. You’ve got to push yourself. Don’t take too many days off. Always think that someone’s doing more than you so you can outwork them.