One on one with Ike Kastner

Q - Question number one is always about your family, so why don’t you tell us who they are?
A - My mom’s name is Liz, my step dad’s name is Greg, my real dad lives in California and his name is David, I have a little brother and little sister named Gil and Olive.

Q - You’ve had a chance to spend time in California with your dad; you guys have done some interesting stuff...
A - I’ve gone to a couple Giants games. We actually had a chance to go to a World Series game this year, and that was quite an experience.

Q - Not too many people get to do that...
A - It was unreal. The place was electric. It was really fun to be there.

Q - Didn’t you get a chance to see Oregon play this year too? On the same trip?
A - Yeah we went to “The Zoo” and watched them beat up on Colorado pretty bad.

Q - As a football player do you like Oregon’s style of play?
A - Yeah. It’s really up-tempo, no huddle. They get up and down the field quick like basketball on grass. It’s fun to watch, and the Zoo is the loudest place I’ve ever heard. In my life.

Q - You think you could play at Oregon?
A - Probably not. (Laughs) I’m a little small.

Q - What do you do when you’re just hanging out?
A - I like to hang out with Gabe and David. We play a lot of “Call of Duty”, nothing much. Athletes don’t have a lot of time. We deal with class work, going to school, going to practice and then just go home.

Q - Sometimes that’s taken for granted. You guys have to put in the time to get your school work done, you’re on the road some during the week, how hard is that?
A - It’s challenging, but I don’t know if it’s as hard as it seems. You have a lot of people supporting you, and the coaches always help you out if you need it.

Q - You are a three-sport athlete, which do you like best?
A - Football by far.

Q - You’ve been playing football since you were a little boy, are you going to play in college?
A - I’ve looked into it. It would be Division III probably if anything. We’re still looking into it.

Q - So you haven’t ruled it out?
A - No. It’s probably 50-50 right now.

Q - What do you want to study when you get there?
A - I really want to go into sports management or business.

Q - You want to be a General Manager?
A - I kind of want to be more of a “Jerry McGuire”-type person.

Q- So a baseball agent, football agent...?
A - If anything a football agent, like Drew Rosenhaus.

Q - You have a favorite movie?
A - It has to be Varsity Blues, I always laugh at that.

Q - If you had a super power, what would it be?
A - I would definitely want to fly. That would be the easiest way to get around. Being up there with the birds and stuff, that would just be a great time. Go to warm weather whenever I wanted. There you go.

Q - If you could give somebody advice, what would it be?
A - Work hard, practice as hard as you can, lift as hard as you can and you’ll get where you want to go.