One on one with Haley Harrell

Q - We always like to start off letting you talk about your family - I know they are important to you so why don’t you tell us everybody’s name...?

A - My Mom and Dad are Steve and Julie Harrell and I’ve got my sister Ashley and my little brother Drew...

Q - Is there anything athletically you don’t do?

A - I’m pretty awful at golf? I don’t know if that counts?

Q - You play a lot of golf?

A - I played once. Shot a 72 on nine holes. You know...

Q- So you aren’t thinking of taking up golf then? As your next challenge?

A - I guess it could be. Not my favorite but...

Q- What is your favorite?

A - Volleyball. By far.

Q- Why?

A - I grew up playing volleyball, my whole family loves volleyball. I’ve done it since I was little and I’ve loved it since then.

Q - You played two varsity sports as a freshman...what’s the hardest part of that?

A - Ummm...I feel like I was supposed to be the leader. My two positions were the setter in volleyball and the point guard in basketball so, I was really supposed to step up. Being a freshman that’s hard. You don’t want step on people’s toes.

Q - That has to be tough in the locker room...are we going to do what a freshman is telling us to do...?

A - Right. And I felt like my job off the court wasn’t to be the leader but more on the court to do my thing and let that show.

Q - You get good grades?

A - Yes...

Q - ...because you want to or because you’re “encouraged” by your parents to get good grades?

A - (Laughs.) It’s both. I’m competitive so I always want to do the best that I can at everything and so that helps. (Smiling.) And my Mom and Dad push me a little bit.

Q - What’s your favorite subject in school?

A - Probably math. Just because there is always an answer.

Q - I was going to say...why math? Most people it’s like pulling teeth but you like math...what kind of math do you like best?

A - (Laughing) Gosh...I like geometry which I wasn’t expecting but...I don’t know. It’s better than English or Spanish or something like that. Science is just way too hard.

Q - What do you do for fun?

A - Hang out with my friends. Nothing special.

Q - Let’s go this way...What’s on your iPod right now?

A - Oh...a little bit of everything. I’m not a big music person. If Usher walked up and rang my door bell I wouldn’t know who it was but I listen to his music.

Q - Have a favorite movie?

A- I watch a little bit of everything.

Q- If you could give somebody following you some advice what would it be?

A - Have fun. Really. Have fun. I know it sounds like... I mean everybody says that but you have to enjoy something to really want to pursue it.