One new ordinance for the city; others must wait

PLYMOUTH — The city of Plymouth has a new ordinance for its sewer system, but two other ordinances will have to wait.
An ordinance for the city’s pretreatment sewer program was enacted after passing second and third reading by the Plymouth Common Council Monday. The ordinance brings the city in line with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Indiana Department of Environmental Management standards for cities with pretreatment programs.
Plymouth Utilities Superintendent Donnie Davidson told the Council that the ordinance was “…mainly directed at industry…” but that there could be some crossover to some commercial customers as well. The act brings the city in sync with standard language used in EPA requirement guidelines and provides standard procedures to streamline paperwork and other compliance measures.
The act spells out what businesses in the city can do to economically control its sewer discharge.
An ordinance to amend the list of subjects that require building permits passed a second reading by the Council, but will have to wait for final passage. The ordinance would allow for special permits that would allow foundations to be laid while contractors awaited approval for permits on further construction.
Several councilmen had questions about the ordinance and voted to pass the measure on second reading, and wait for a third reading until Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds could be present to answer questions about the ordinance.
A second reading on an ordinance to outlaw dogs in Oakhill Cemetery was tabled to await input from Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter.
Senter was absent from the meeting, attending to arrangements for his father’s funeral in Indianapolis. Senter’s father  Wayne, 85, of Speedway, Indiana passed away on Dec. 24.
In other action:
Councilman Chuck Ripley was named Council President Pro Tempore for the next year.
Mayor Senter will make appointments to the Board of Public Works and Safety upon his return from Indianapolis.