Oliver Ford unveils the Interceptor

PLYMOUTH - Oliver Ford in Plymouth invited local state, county and city law enforcement officers out to a special event Tuesday.
Oliver unveiled the new Ford Interceptor vehicles for area police. The vehicle is the very first all wheel drive utility vehicle by any auto manufacturer that meets all law enforcement specifications.
“Ford didn’t design this the way a car is normally designed,” said Steve Keiser of Oliver. “Law enforcement officers designed this vehicle. They spent a lot of time with people who drive them everyday and made it the way they wanted it.”
The Interceptor is built on a normal Ford Explorer chassis but that’s where the similarities end. The vehicle has a steel reinforced undercarriage, is rated for a 75 mph rear collision, and even has puncture proof front seats to protect from any possible weapon that might come from a suspect in the back.
The modifications are part of the vehicle to help prevent the need for repairs and make them more economical to operate. They also come with the lights and sirens already installed as part of the package.
“Ford has taken every precaution to put officers in the safest possible vehicle,” said Keiser.
Plymouth Police and the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department have each budgeted for the vehicles this year.