OD basketball wiz Richie relies on family

KNOX — Have you ever heard the term “Unstoppable Force?”
It’s the best term to describe Oregon-Davis guard Zach Richie, who has been tearing up the court this season. Richie has racked up more than 40 points in eight consecutive games and boasts an average of 43 points per game. That’s quite an accomplishment for this junior, but it’s definitely not surprising.
Richie’s family, including his four siblings, can certainly be described as a basketball family. In fact, his father, Matt Richie, is the coach for the Bobcats, and Richie’s brother Matthew, who also had a great high school basketball career, is playing basketball for Manchester College. Richie’s two sisters are also into sports; older sister Elizabeth plays volleyball, and younger sister Molly is in gymnastics and cheerleading.
Being part of such a large family means there’s never a dull moment in the Richie household.
“I really like it,” said Richie. “I’m never bored. I’m always entertained with having a lot of siblings; there’s always something to do.”