NWMS ‘Learning Day’ a lesson to all

Wakarusa — The halls of NorthWood Middle School resonated with the sounds of laughter and amicable chatter on the night of Tuesday, Oct. 23, although the conclusion of the typical school day had long since ended.
The friendly yet frantic pace of folks meandering through the corridors was led by a legion of eager, helpful students, leading their parents and family members through a journey designed to capture a glimpse of what encompasses a day in the life of a young scholar in Wa-Nee’s junior high school.
This evening of purpose is known as the Learning Fair, and it offers two hours of time during which each student’s daily schedule is condensed into each class period lasting approximately 10 minutes. Parents and their students report to homeroom for an introduction from teachers, plus the distribution of itineraries, folders containing samples of schoolwork from the first grading period, report cards, and other materials. From there, groups rotate around and between the two floors, with sixth grade classes primarily gathering in the lower levels and the seventh and eighth graders mostly convening on the upper floors.
From science to social studies, math to music, and everything else in between, families had an opportunity to hear from their teen’s educators, who used their time to share their goals, expectations, and missions for their scholastic year. In some cases, teachers showcased different tools specialized for their subjects of study, such as the use of white boards, musical instruments, and physical education equipment. 
Several teachers explained how many of the supplementary school projects can also be found online, such as in the case of the Criterion writing workshop. All students also have ongoing and updated progress reports of their assignments, tests, and other studies available through an online database called Edline.
If desired, parents were also encouraged to align their calendars with classroom leaders for conferences, which have been planned to coincide with the conclusion of the first semester. For those who were unable to attend the Learning Fair, but who wish to consult with their child’s teacher or administrative staff member, the phone number for NorthWood Middle School is 862-2710. The district’s website, http://www.wanee.org/, also features a link to the middle school, and several email addresses are provided.