Notre Dame compelling enough to warrant title shot

Being a sports fan is ridiculous. I’ll admit it.
You spend your nights and weekends, the little free time you have, worrying and fretting over what people you will never meet do on a field or in a gym.
When you break it down to college sports it’s even worse.
Your mood is determined on how well a 19- or 20 year-old kid plays a sport.
And for many Notre Dame fans, you ratchet that up a notch by the simple fact we didn’t go to the school.
That being said, I was as engaged in Saturday’s game against Pitt as I have been in ANYTHING I’ve ever experienced in my life.
That includes work, family, girlfriends.
If I could care about anything as much as I cared about Saturday’s game, I’d probably be a lot more productive member of society.
Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk National Championships!
Despite my borderline-troubling devotion to Notre Dame football, I know they aren’t as good as Alabama, Oregon or Kansas State. They might only be the sixth best team if they were in the SEC.
That being said, I don’t care.
The great thing with football is you need just one game.
And with the current system, you don’t always get the two best teams playing for a National Championship.
Football isn’t alone. If you were simply going to award championships to the best team on paper or during a regular season to ensure a certain amount of fairness, then why even have playoffs or bowl games?
I know I sound like a crazy person but if Notre Dame is undefeated and has a chance to play for a National Championship, they should get that chance.
Maybe they aren’t the best team to challenge an Alabama, but this season has proven they are the most compelling team in college football. And they have a way of making any game exciting.
Computers and sportswriters can’t measure that with a poll or ballot.
Now this may all be total blather if Notre Dame goes out and does what they typically do to Boston College in these situations. But if not, and they beat USC as well, they deserve a spot in the title game.
I’m a self-aware Notre Dame apologist and I approved this message.