Not all troubled by recent rash of business closings

Pilot Photo/David Palmer  Though a recent rash of business closings in Plymouth has left some concerned about the city’s economic future, others believe the closings are little more than a coincidence and Plymouth’s business climate is sound.
David M. Palmer
Staff Writer

PLYMOUTH—Despite a recent rash of businesses in Plymouth announcing their closings and a seeming swell of concerned outcry, some in the city remain hopeful that Plymouth’s economic climate is not on a downward slide, but rather as positive as ever.
In recent weeks several businesses in Plymouth have announced they will be closing their doors for good. Between Dorothy’s Hallmark, Auto Park’s service center, The Potter’s Pad, Sweet Treats ice cream and others, the mass closure of a number of both locally-owned and national chain businesses has raised questions as to whether or not the climate for businesses in the Plymouth area is showing signs of a downward spiral. But some remain confident that the closing of so many businesses at one time is nothing more than a coincidence, saying they feel the economy in Plymouth is not at fault for the recent closings.