No horsin' around

S.D. Shank

Here is a snippet from this week's lead story about a local business that uses horses for therapeutic benefit. You can read the full story in the February 27th edition of The Starke County Leader:
MSW, LCSW, LCAC, EAP, and EAL. With this many acronyms you'd usually find a military unit attached, but in reality, they all belong to one person and they add up to a life spent helping others. Owner, therapist, and horse professional, Char Riale, is the driving force behind Road Apple Psychotherapy in Knox. Char has been in the profession of helping people since 1992. She holds a Masters in Social Work, is a licensed clinical social worker, is a licensed clinical addiction counselor, and she is an EAP (equine assisted therapy) and an EAL (equine assisted learning.) What does this all mean? She and the specialists at RAP use horses to help and heal people with all manner of problems.
Before you rush to judgment and think that there is no merit to this type of therapy, or that this is a feel good time where patients just go to a “petting zoo” and play with horses, Char would like to set you straight on that mode of thinking.
“I don't want people to get the misconception that this is a petting zoo or a riding program. This program is almost entirely non-riding. Here, we're all about the therapeutic benefits of being with the horses, and learning from, and with them.”