New technology at the jail

Diona Eskew
Managing Editor

In yesterday's Pilot News there was an article about the Marshall County Jail switching to a new company for inmate visitation, phone calls and commissary fund deposits. The new technology brings video conferencing to inmates allowing visitors to login in from home and visit with inmates through the internet. In addition commissary funds can also be deposited to an inmates accounts from offsite locations through the Telmate website. The new system will also bring tablets into the jail pods. Inmates will be able to get books, educational material and law libraries through the tablets.
Online visitation will be scheduled through Telmate and monitored by the company. However, the jail staff also has the ability to monitor those visits. Sheriff Tom Chamberlin expressed his excitement about bringing in the new technology.
"I am looking forward to this new change. It gives us a lot of different options and opportunities to supply technology for the inmates but also through that technology we can provide them with help programs."
The service is expected to be up and running at the jail in less than 30 days.