New project, new tour brings Bierman home for United Way celebration

NASHVILLE — Time in the studio has stretched the creative talents of Plymouth’s Denver Bierman and the Mile High Orchestra.
Appearing in Plymouth as part of the Marshall County United Way 50th anniversary celebration, Bierman and some members of the band have had a whirlwind couple of weeks, finishing tracks for a brand new children’s album due out this summer and playing weekend dates Saturday night in Fort Wayne and Sunday morning in Marion, Ind.
“It’s been really good to get back into the studio. We’ve done a couple projects this year with the Somerset Christmas album and working on a big band project, but there’s just something different about it when you’re recording your own music,” said Bierman on a break from the studio. “I don’t know whether you feel like you have more ownership or what it is when the songs are yours. You ask yourself how can I translate all the energy of the band and the musicianship into three and a half minutes, because that’s really all the time you have. It’s a challenge and an adventure.”
The new album will be a new direction for the band as DMHO has formed a partnership with the family vocal group Go Fish and will be performing children’s shows in the coming year along with their normal tour dates.
“I’ve been writing some kids songs over the years and my manager suggested that we work with the guys from ‘Go Fish’ on a project,” said Denver. “I went on YouTube to check out their stuff and they had a video that had like 16 million views. It’s been a great partnership with these guys. I wrote a couple of songs with Jamie Statema (lead singer of Go Fish) and it’s been very exciting. There’s a lot of good energy and momentum right now for us to get into another market and we’re looking forward to our kids shows coming up later this year.”
It’s part of what appears to be a big year ahead for the band.
“I know it’s only April but it really looks like its going to be an incredible year for us,” said Bierman. “We’ve got a lot of shows booked already and a couple of projects we’re looking forward to doing in the studio, so we’re going to be busy.”
He will be in concert in Plymouth as part of the United Way of Marshall County’s 50th anniversary celebration in conjunction with Encore Performing Arts Tuesday, April 12 at Plymouth High School Auditorium.
Tickets are $10 and available by calling Encore at 574-935-4987 or the United Way office at 574-936-3366.
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