New pro takes over at PCC

PLYMOUTH — There’s a new level of excitement at the Plymouth Country Club as it welcomes a new golf professional to the club: 47-year-old PGA recognized golfer Timothy Burkhart.
Burkhart, originally from Hornell, N.Y., chose Plymouth because he thought it was a great place for him and his family.
Burkhart, who comes to Plymouth from the Boonville Country Club, has even been featured in PGA magazine.
“It was a huge compliment to be honored by PGA,” said Burkhart.
Burkhart started playing golf when he was 18 — because his friends played, so he picked it up. He’s been playing seriously for about 15 years, and he plans to spend a lot of time at the country club.
"I like to get up in the morning, go to the golf course, be outside and smell the grass," Burkhart said.
But golf hasn’t always been his focus. Burkhart was a professional basketball player for many years, having played for the Washing-ton Generals for around 13 years, and traveled as far as Australia to play.
And golf isn’t the only thing in his life. He says family is the most important thing to him. Wife Lisa doesn’t share his passion for golf, but he jokes that she makes up for it by being a great cook.
Burkhart also has two sons, 4-year-old Matt and 1-year-old son Nathan — and when he’s not playing golf, Burkhart is spending time with them.
He and his family are excited to move into their new home, but Burkhart is also ready to get on the course and raise some excitement for the club.
“I just want to let everyone know that there’s a new golf pro at Plymouth Country Club,” he said, and with his ambition, he has several goals he wants to accomplish at the club. “One of my goals is to get more kids involved. The women there are special too and we need to focus a little more on them as well.”
When asked about his best moment in golf, Burkhart joked, “I hit a hole in one, but I was playing by myself.”
Burkhart is excited about being the head golf professional at Plymouth Country Club, and about meeting the people and using his experience to help them.
“I just want people to know that there’s someone there that cares,” he said.