New owner nets Argos bar renewal

PLYMOUTH - Several businesses received their automatic renewal on liquor licenses from the Marshall County Alcoholic Beverage Commission and one met Health Department requirements in a continued action.
Bertin Torres of Los Hermanos Lounge had come before the board at their previous meeting, seeking a transfer of a license for the bar. Torres had previously completed the purchase of the building for Los Hermanos.
The Marshall County Health Department had registered an objection to the transfer since Torres had not received the proper permits or undergone inspections necessary to serve food and drinks at the establishment.
Torres completed the paper work, fees and inspections and is now in full compliance with Health Department standards. The Commission voted unanimously to transfer the alcohol permit to his name.
Renewal for another business was granted but will likely soon be transferred to another owner.
The Argos Bar and Grill permit currently held by W.T. Arnett was before the board for renewal. Before action could be taken on the permit Justin Hall - a resident of Nashville who is planning a return to his hometown of Argos - came forward to inform the board that he was in the process of purchasing the building and permit of the current business.
Hall told the board that he had begun the process of purchasing the building that houses the Argos Bar and Grill from the estate of it’s current owner and had also filed the paperwork to transfer the alcohol license from it’s holder - Arnett - to his name.
He told the board that he intends to remodel the establishment and place a barbecue restaurant inside the bar. He also plans on having live music in the business.
Based on the fact that Hall is in the process of purchasing the building and the business the board voted for a one year renewal of the license. Hall will come before the board at a later date to complete the transfer.
Mi Camino Real appeared on the agenda and was awarded their automatic license renewal with no objections.