New fund will help the future of Club

PLYMOUTH — One local couple is making an investment in the future of the community.
Paul and Carol Nye, working with the Marshall County Community Foundation, have set up a special fund to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County. The Pendergast, Rosander, Nye Fund will help the club for years to come.
“The whole reason for us doing this is the Boys & Girls Club,” said Carol. “We feel the Club is so important to the community and that’s why we’re here, to give back to the community.”
“We’re want to do anything we can to help out,” said Paul. “We hope this will bring attention to the Club and what it does for the community.”
Just walking through the Club building on Jefferson Street in Plymouth brings back memories for Carol, who worked in the building before when it was Schori’s Restaurant, one of Plymouth’s favorite dining spots.
“I think it’s wonderful what they’ve done here,” she said of the new use of the building. “I can’t think of a better way to use the building than this.”
The Nyes hope that others will join their example by adding to the fund.
“We’ve made the contribution to start the fund but anybody can donate anything they like,” said Paul. “We’ve designated that all funds will go exclusively to the Boys & Girls Club.”
“Anyone can add to the fund anything they want,” said Carol. “Whether it’s $10, $100 or $1,000 it’s an investment in the future.”
Director of the Marshall County Boys & Girls Club Billie Treber agreed with the long term benefits of the fund. It is the second such fund set up for the Boys & Girls Club. The Jim Neu Fund – also through the Marshall County Com-munity Foundation – is also set up to benefit the Boys & Girls Club.
“This gives us long term sustainability,” said Treber. “We have a vision of what we want the future of the Club to be and it’s nice to know that others are also beginning to see that vision.”
Anyone wishing to donate can contact the Marshall County Com-munity Foundation at 574-935-5159 or visit