New Christmas album accompanies DMHO tour

NASHVILLE — Adding to the Christmas cheer for the holiday is a special musical treat.
Plymouth’s Denver Bierman — and the Mile High Orchestra — will be coming to the Plymouth Wesleyan Church Thursday, Dec. 2 for its only Indiana appearance of the Christmas tour. Along with that, DMHO have just released a new album of Christmas music, available through Somerset Re-cords.
“It’s kind of cool,” Bierman said. “I’ve gotten calls from friends who have heard it playing in malls all over and have picked up a copy. I know they’re selling copies at places like Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s really something. We’ve never done an album like this and we’ve never worked with a company like Somerset before, so it’s all really pretty exciting.”
The album is an instrumental offering of Christmas favorites done in the DMHO style. The arrangements of the songs are all original but it is a departure in a way for the group.
“We don’t have any of our own songs on the record, they’re all classic Christmas favorites,” said Bierman. “All the arrangements are ours. That’s one of my favorite jobs with the band is that I get to do all of our arrangements. When you’re working with good songs it’s easy to do other people’s music, but it has a certain difficulty because you want to make it your own. We’ve got the high energy sound of the Mile High Orchestra with classics that everybody knows. We took a lot of time with this one to make sure everything was just right. It was a lot of fun to put together.”
While many bands are taking it easy during the holiday season DMHO traditionally has made the Christmas tour their special time of the year.
“I love it because it’s really the happiest time of the year and the energy with the audience is just really special,” said Bierman. “In addition to that it’s the one time of the year when listening to that classic big band sound is not just accepted by music lovers. It’s the one time of year when our sound is really a part of American pop culture. We have a lot more things we can do media wise — getting on radio and TV — so it really makes a lot of sense for us to be out there this time of year.
“The down part is being on the road so much at the holidays but we try to get home early – this year we’ll be done on Dec. 20 – and we can spend as much time with our families as possible.”
The show will have a lot of music from the new album, some traditional DMHO Christmas favorites, a sing along for the audience and a special production of “The Grinch That Stole Christmas.”
“It’s a whole lot of fun,” said Bierman. “I’ve written a couple of new Christmas songs too — a love song for the holidays that I’ve dedicated to my wife Amy — and music that helps celebrate the reason for Christmas — the birth of Jesus Christ.”
It’s also a chance for Denver to come home to his church home for a special show.
“The first time I attended Plymouth Wesleyan was for an Easter Cantata when I was four. I still remember it,” he said. “We’ve attended every since. My parents still go to church there. It’s always nice to come back home.”
The show is Dec. 2 at 6:30 p.m at Plymouth Wesleyan Church. Tickets are on sale for the show by calling 1-800-965-9324. You can order at at 253462.html or for more information, visit DMHO’s website at