New campus minister Daniel Hyer reflects on experience at CMA

New Campus minister Daniel Hyer reflects on the lord’s purpose for calling him to CMA.
Shelby Harrell

At 10 a.m. most Sunday mornings, newly hired protestant campus minister Daniel Hyer can be seen delivering services at Culver Academies Memorial Chapel.

Hyer, who is also in charge of coordinating the school’s contemporary worship team as well as activities for the program’s youth group, has had a passion for ministry since the fateful night as a 17-year-old when his youth pastor delivered a message on pursuing one’s calling from God. “God was constantly working on my heart,” Hyer said simply, “After that, students and adult leaders prayed over me and I began my application to go to college for ministry.”

Hyer went on to receive his Bachelor’s of Arts in Youth Ministry degree from Spring Arbor University in Spring Arbor, Mich., before completing his Master’s of Divinity from Asbury in Kentucky. Before accepting the position at CMA, Hyer served as a senior pastor for two smaller congregations in South Eastern Michigan.

As an institution, Culver Academies strives to include a variety of spiritually diverse opportunities and practices.

Hyer reports that a vast majority of students, however, choose to identify as either catholic or protestant.

Other religions in addition to the two “main bodies”, as Hyer refers to them, are practiced on campus as well.

“There is a Muslim service, a Jewish service, and an Eastern Religions service that includes teachings from both Bhuddism and Hinduism,” Hyer said. “There are also opportunities for students who come from either an atheist or a non-religious home called philosopher’s café, spiritual freewriting or yoga as well.”

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