New agriculture course at PHS

PLYMOUTH — Plymouth High School students will now have another course offering to choose from beginning in the fall of 2011.
Kelli Hoffman, teacher in the the Agriculture Science Department, received the unanimous approval of the school board on November 18 to add an Advanced Life Science, (ALS) Food Science Course I to the other courses within the department.
Following is a description of the new course:
“Advanced Life Science, Foods, is an interdisciplinary science course that integrates biology, chemistry, and microbiology in a food context. Students enrolled in this course formulate, design, and carry out food based laboratory and field investigations as an essential course component. Students will learn through hands on labs and activities on topics including: the human digestive system, metabolism, food additives, enzymes, fermentation and leavening agents.”
Hoffman told the board members that the suggested grade level of students to enroll in the course is 11-12. She did indicate that a student in grade 10 could enroll with the approval of the instructor. She said she highly recommends that students have biology and/or chemistry prior to enrolling in the new course.
It will be offered as a two-semester course with one credit obtained each semester.
The course will fulfill a Life Science or Physical Science requirement for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical diplomas or could count as an elective or directed elective for any diplomas.
Students could also receive duel credits for both high school and college.
Hoffman said she has obtained the majority of the equipment needed for the lab based course by working with other teachers at PHS who have materials that they are not currently using.