Mullen talks jobs, ending gridlock on trail

PLYMOUTH — 2nd District Congressional Candidate Brendan Mullen (D-Granger) stopped by Opie’s Deli Wednesday afternoon fresh off his debate with opponent Republican Jackie Walorski.
Mullen took Walorski to task several times for seemingly avoiding direct answers to questions during the debate aired on WSBT2 Tuesday night.
During the debate, Mullen painted Walorski as a career politician while citing his own small business and military experience.
The West Point graduate has gone on record as saying the seed for running for public office was planted as he attended funerals of clasmates who never made it home from Iraq.
“They deserve better,” said Mullen to those he spoke to at Opie’s Wednesday.
Mullen said he will fight against the gridlock in Washington while Walorski will embrace it as a “TEA party radical.”
“I don’t care if its a Republican idea or a Democratic idea, as long as it grows jobs and gets this country moving, I support it,” said Mullen.
Mullen also pointed to his military service as one where chose to serve his country no matter the order.
He chided Walorski for missing debates before Tuesday night’s including the Third Bi-Annual 2nd District Congressional Debate aired by WNIT-TV.
“For Jackie Walorski to dodge all the debates is a dereliction of duty,” said Mullen.
Mullen stated that Walorski, by missing debates, is avoiding the same people she wants to elect her.
While it didn’t come out during the debate, Mullen was in a car wreck about three hours before the debate near his home in Granger.
His car was totaled but he said the other car didn’t sustain any damage. There were no injuries reported either.
During his visit to Plymouth, Mullen continued to stress the same points he did during Tuesday night’s debate.
He talked about growing the middle class through making capital more available to current and prospective business owners. He also said he wanted to create relief for small business owners by shifting tax credits toward them and away from Big Oil and Wall Street.
Mullen has also took aim at Walorski’s attempts to paint him as a Washington liberal.
Mullen opposes the medical device tax in the Affordable Care Act while still upholding the bill, is pro-life and said he would look to pare down the federal government.
For example, Mullen said he would be in favor of looking at the Department of Education and finding waste and abuse. Mullen said that Walorski would look to cut the department entirely which would end programs like Head Start and eliminate Pell Grants.
During Tuesday night’s debate, Mullen also said he knew of waste in the Department of Defense budget that could be cut without sacrificing the training and safety of soldiers.
In terms of health care, he said it was important that 30 million young people who are currently uninsured be insured. He said by widening the pool of eligible recipients, costs would go down.
Mullen reiterated that his centrist beliefs provided voters in the 2nd district a distinct choice over Walorski, who he called “hyper-partisan”.
“People simply don’t want more of the same thing,” said Mullen.