MPI contests union unfair labor allegations

Michigan-based company MPI released a statement dismissing allegations of unfair labor practices by union workers.
Rachael Herbert-Varchetto
Staff Writer

STARKE COUNTY — In a new statement released Nov. 3, MPI has addressed allegations of unfair work practices and continued contract talks with union workers and the United Steel Workers (USW).
Union representative Mike O'Brien made the allegation that Michigan-based company MPI was no longer honoring a decision to provide merit pay increases.
"They have unilaterally made a decision not to provide merit pay increases as they have in the past, and they're refusing to give them even though they have in the past," said O'Brien in the Nov. 4 edition of The Leader.
Oct.26, members of USW met during and after shifts to stage an informational protest against the company, Indiana Fine Blanking, a subsidiary company of MPI.
"In response to the allegation of changes to work conditions, that is simply an untrue statement. The Company continues to operate under the policies and procedures outlined in our employee handbook that all employees receive," they said.
MPI further went on to explain that in its contract efforts, it strives to "reach a language that is fair and equitable to all parties involved".
The company has been in talks with the union for over a year. Recent negotiations were held as late last week.
"Company representatives continue to work with USW officials and elected union representatives to reach fair contract language," said the representative.