Mourdock looks to move on, engage voters

PLYMOUTH — After a week where his name was all over the national news for his comments on abortion and rape, Republican Seante candidate Richard Mourdock was at The Brass Rail Wednesday afternoon as his campaign charged toward the finish.
And Mourdock brought with him some good news for the supporters on hand.
He told the group that internal polling suggested Mourdock had gone from being in a tie with opponent Democrat Joe Donnelly to leading by a little less than two points.
Mourdock’s campaign took a hit from comments he made at an Oct. 23 debate.
“We had a bit of a hit but we bounced back,” said Mourdock.
Donnelly also released an internal poll Wednesday that showed him up by seven points.
A Howey/DePauw poll on the race is expected out this week.
Instead of polls or Mourdock’s comments, the State Treasurer drove home his case to be the next Senator from Indiana.
“We must repeal Obamacare. We must make the federal government smaller. Get rid of President Obama and get rid of Harry Reid,” said Mourdock.
Mourdock hammered Joe Donnelly on refusing to say whether he’d vote for Reid as Senate Majority Leader.
“He won’t do that because he knows Harry Reid’s name is toxic,” said Mourdock.
As for Mourdock, he said he would support Mitch McConnell for his party’s Senate Majority Leader should Republicans take over.
And Mourdock acknowledged that the national focus on his race with Donnelly is because the winner may decide the majority in the Senate.
Mourdock also took a swipe at his own party over Obamacare.
While he wants to repeal it, Mourdock said he took issue with Republicans who want to repeal it but offer no alternative.
The Senate hopeful said he would help foster an environment where doctors could actually practice medicine rather than have to act “as federal bureaucrats.”
On the health care insurance side, Mourdock said it was important to allow for competition and that by allowing health care insurance providers to sell across state lines, it would bring cost down.
On jobs, Mourdock said he supports removing federal regulations from small business owners.
“We’ve got to get the jackboot of the federal government off the necks of small business,” said Mourdock.
Mourdock said that changing the tax code was also vital as it currently encourages businesses to ship jobs out of the country.
“Last but not least we need to learn to live within our means,” said Mourdock.
Mourdock made his case quite simple to those on hand Wednesday.
“If people liked the last four years, they should vote for Donnelly,” said Mourdock.