Moped, SUV collision sends two to hospital

A Starke EMT works quickly to help the victims of the crash on 35 this morning.
S.D. Shank

KNOX – At 9:20 a.m. this morning on St. Rd. 35 a moped t-boned a SUV that was exiting the McDonald's parking lot. The moped was traveling at roughly 25mph when it collided with the driver's side of the SUV.
“I had checked both ways” the driver of the SUV stated, “the way was completely clear and then when I pulled out they just came out of nowhere.”
The moped, which was driven by a man only identified as “Ray”, and 21 year old passenger Dakota Garbington, slammed into the front of the SUV damaging the vehicle and smashing the front end of the moped.
EMS, Knox Police, and Knox Fire all arrived on scene and took both the driver, and passenger (who was complaining of severe leg pain) to Starke Hospital. No further details are available at this time.