Monterey bank and ‘Clip’ Wamsley: 160 (combined) years serving the public

As many Culverites noticed — whether by word on the street, mention in this newspaper, or a visit to the lobby of one of its branches — the First National Bank of Monterey is celebrating its 100th year in business this summer, an anniversary which culminated in open houses at each branch, including Aug. 24 at the Culver branch on Lake Shore Drive.
There, branch manager Mark Wamsley and the staff greeted visitors and reminisced about the success of the 1993-opened branch.
“The things that set us apart are hard to verbalize,” said Wamsley, who’s been in charge in Culver since the building opened. “We haven’t been concerned with profits; we take care of our employees and customers, and profits take care of themselves.
“The town has always been supportive,” he adds, “from the Town Council to other businesses, churches, the schools, and Culver Academies. There’s been no rifts at all with anyone. We’ve gotten so much community support it’s amazing.” For more on this Story see the September 2 edition of the Culver Citizen