Missing Knox teens found

Two Starke County girls, who went missing Thursday evening, have been found. Faith Moore and Nikki Scheib, both 15, left their homes yesterday evening to have dinner and never returned home.
Their parents, Sheala Moore and Tanya Scheib contacted the local authorities and then spent the evening sending out frantic pleas for information from anyone who knew the girls’ whereabouts.
A missing poster with the girls pictures went up on Facebook; and the story began traveling from page to page.
Moore said she had heard countless stories about where the girls were, with the last one being they had been taken by some guy.
While social networks can be a valuable tool, they can also cause great harm and emotional stress to families who are going through a crisis. People should only report what they personally know to be true. Rumors, especially when they're of a frightening nature, only serve to put undue stress on families and muddy the waters of any potential investigation.
Moore who was understandably an emotional wreck said that at approximately, 11:10 a.m. this morning, the girls returned home. While both appeared visibly shaken, physically, they seemed to be Ok. Information on the girls’ whereabouts during the night is currently not being released; and the incident is under investigation.