Mills readies for trip to China

PLYMOUTH — When Britni Mills graduated from Plymouth High School in 2008 and headed for the Purdue University campus, she knew she wanted to find a career where she could help people. That desire has stayed strong.
Now as a junior at Purdue, she is majoring in sociology and minoring in communications to help fulfill that dream.
In May, she hopes to be able to put her training and education to the test by making a seven-week trip to China.
Mills joined the campus Outreach Ministries at Purdue that has helped to give her a direction for her future.
Mills said, “In China, I will be at a university working with students there and also sharing the Gospel with them.” During her stay, she will also have an opportunity to travel and see certain parts of China.
She said, “For security reasons, I may not say the city that I will be in for the safety of the program that we are connected with over there.”
If she is able to raise the $5,000 by April 16 needed for the trip, she will be one of seven students from the state of Indiana to join in the program. After being asked to make the trip in November of last year, she began fund-raising and has been able to raise $2,000 so far by contacting family, friends and others who are interested in her story.
Mills said, “I have always been drawn to the Chinese traditions. This is an important project and a great opportunity for me and the others to experience another culture.”
Her parents, John (special education teacher at PHS) and Kelli (elementary level reading teacher in Knox), share in her excitement.
“My mom is so excited for me,” she said.
Kelli Mills said, “We couldn’t ask for her to be with a better group of people than those from Outreach Ministries.”
Britni also acknowledges that her father is still a little hesitant since they will not have any communication with her during the seven-week program. “But I’ve always been daddy’s little girl,” she said.
Mills gives the credit for her career path to the support of her parents, PHS speech activities, her Plymouth church family, and especially one of her high school teachers.
“The speech team and theater really had a huge impact on my life. I use the skills they taught me every day when communicating with people whether it be for speeches, letters or just talking with someone,” she said. “Jane Faulstich (speech coach and theater teacher at PHS) and I worked together during my years at PHS and she gave me a lot of confidence to do things that made me step out of my comfort zone. She is one reason I feel very comfortable going overseas into a new culture and way of life.”
She also looks to her church upbringing as a major focus of her life.
She said, “I think God used Plymouth Wesleyan Church to really open me to His vision of he world.”
In Lafayette, she continue to attend church services and groups at a Methodist church near the campus.
Mills feels strongly that the trip to China is not being offered by accident. She said, paraphrasing a scripture, “God calls us to share the Gospel with the nations and that is exactly what I will be doing. Just as those who never heard the Good News can not hear without someone telling them, I can not go and tell them without first being sent.”
Those interested in learning more about the program or wish to contribute to her financially, may call Mills at 765-588-7896.