Michaela Anne to play at Brass Rail

Michaela Anne will perform on August 14 at the Brass Rail.
Rachael Herbert-Varchetto
Staff Writer

A folksy, American country sound will fill the room at the Brass Rail on Friday night as musician Michaela Anne breaks out her guitar for patrons and fans.
Stationed in Nashville, Tennessee, the young woman moved around every two years as her father, the commandant at Culver Military Academy, was in the Navy, and she says, contributed to her restless spirit.
"I moved every two years because my dad is in the Navy. That kind of nomadic lifestyle has continued with me traveling. Always on the road, the life of a musician is not a run of the mill normal lifestyle. It means a lot of sacrifices, it means missing family events and not going on vacation. There's a longing for something else, a searching," said Michaela Anne.
That searching is what she says helps to inspire her music and her sound.
"Searching is I guess the main theme, and relationships and love, a greater love than significant other love, for family, for humanity, all that stuff really inspires my songs. I try to write songs about having a good time that can lighten people's days. Music is really cathartic for me," said Michaela Anne, who feels it is important to lift people's spirits.
The musician may be familiar to audiences who attended a concert at the academy last year.
"The experience I've had in Culver is people in the community were so warm and gracious and welcoming, I'm just really excited for some of the people that I've played for in the past, and to meet some new people this summer," she said.
Traveling all over the country, Michaela Anne has had an interesting experience of playing venues in Washington, California, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Minnesota.
Her influences came from her dad's love of country, and she cites Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, GEorge Jones, Tammy Wynette, and Linda Ronstadt as some of those inspired artists she turns too.
"A lot of my music is informed by that. I play covers from those artists and my songs are inspired by real life as is common in the country vein, truth and emotional experiences. I'm a storyteller in that sense," Said Michaela Anne.
Playing since she was a child, she started off focusing in jazz and receiving a degree in jazz vocal performance before writing her own songs at 18 and playing guitar at 21, when she started professionally.
"It took me a while to come on board [with country]. I grew up listening to all kids of different music and my dad was a big fan. I teased him when I was young. When I started singing, people said my voice was suited to country music. I just started to really appreciate the stories, and they were really honest, stripped everything away," she said of the music that she writes in the country style. "All the fancy stuff that goes on in pop, country music really stands on its own with simple relatable songs about life that everybody goes through. It kind of naturally comes out of me when I write songs. For whatever reason, I feel like my heart connects to it the most."
Michaela Anne will be singing songs from her previous albums, one that came out recently in 2014, as well as songs from her upcoming album that will be released in 2016.
There is not cover charge to the performance at the Brass Rail, which will go from 7 to 10 p.m. on Friday, August 14.

This article appeared in the August 13, 2015 issue of the Pilot News.