McKee is hopeful as she begins the fight

PLYMOUTH — She’s been an extra “mom” for a lot of young Plymouth Rockies over the years and now she’s in a battle all her own.
Shelly McKee — whose husband Joe is a longtime coach in the Marshall County Junior Football League — felt pressure in her stomach while running on a treadmill one day during the summer. A few weeks later, a visit to the doctor for a sinus infection lead to the discovery of stage two ovarian cancer.
“I was shocked,” she said. “I was in a state of shock. I have always had problems with fibroids in the past. I hoped this might just be another one. I was going to wait for my regular gynecological exam in November. It’s a good thing that I didn’t.
“That is something I would tell everybody. If you feel something is wrong with your body you need to go check it out. Don’t wait. If I had waited I would probably be a lot worse off.”
Shelly underwent her first round of chemotherapy. She now must face the same ordeal every three weeks for six total treatments.
“I really just feel tired and drained all the time,” she said. “There’s the nausea too. The hardest part is really feeling constantly tired. I just have no energy at all and feel really fatigued.”
Unfortunately, it’s too early to tell if more treatment will be necessary for Shelly.
“They thought the cancer cells were localized in the tumor they removed and that these treatments will be enough,” she said. “We won’t know until then.”
She does have help in her struggle.
“Joe has been just great through all of this,” she said. “He does everything. My family has been there for me. Friends I hadn’t talked to in a long time have called me. Everybody has really come together and it’s a big help.
“I would tell anyone looking at this to have hope, don’t give up and be strong. Have faith in God.”