MCCO to hold bicentennial concert

Marshall County Church Orchestra conductor Don Harness proudly displays Indiana's bicentennial flag along with a poster containing information about the June 26 bicentennial concert.
David M. Palmer
Staff Writer

Indiana's 200 years of statehood will soon be commemorated in song, dance and presentations, as the Marshall County Church Orchestra will hold a bicentennial concert highlighting state history in artistic and informative ways.
On Sunday, June 26 the Marshall County Church Orchestra (MCCO) plans to hold a concert event at the Young Amphitheater in Centennial Park at 7:30 p.m. The roughly one-hour event will feature music, dancing and presentations ranging in subject matter from Indiana's Native American ancestors to the manufacturing era, immigration, education and ending with a tribute to Indiana veterans. Each song, dance or presentation will represent a section of these varied histories, bringing together an artistic look at Indiana history over the past 200 years.