MCCF awards second round of grants

PLYMOUTH — The Grants Committee of the Marshall County Community Foundation (MCCF) awarded the second round of General Endowment Fund Grants for 2011 during a press conference held Oct. 13 in Plymouth. 

The general endowment of the Marshall County Community Foundation now exceeds four million dollars. This enables the Foundation to award grants in excess of $100,000 on an annual basis. During the fall 2011 grant round, $46,804 was awarded to the following eleven organizations in Marshall County:

• Argos Dollars for Scholars—Underwrite Purdue Glee Club Performance, $5,300.00

• Culver Elementary School Music Department—Purchase technological components; Mimio Teach, Video/Audio Recorder and Whiteboard supplies and equipment, $1,500.

• Culver Lions Club—Update Lions Club Culver community sign, $10,000.

• LaPaz Lions Club—Provide signage for unmarked Marshall County Cemeteries, $3,500.

• LaPaz Volunteer Fire Department—Purchase mannequins to teach life-saving techniques, $2,320

• LaPaz-North Township Fie Department—Provide 50 percent match for purchase of Thermal Imaging Camera, $4,250.00

• LifePlex Institute for Health and Wellness—Purchase costumes and cover Marshall County Community Orchestra costs for the Festival of Carols, $981.

• Marshall County Historical Society—Support design, printing, and distribution of 20,000 brochures on the new Historic Crossroads Transportation Center, $2,528

• Marshall County Humane Society—Build a Cat House with a 50 percent match, $10,325

• Michiana Benevolent Center/The Whitlock—Provide 1:1 match for installation of strobe lights for hearing impaired senior citizens, $2,500.

• Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ—Purchase two defibrillators, $3,600.

Grant committee members include James Erwin, Chair, of Plymouth, Kay Finlay of Culver, Kurt Garner of Plymouth, Kevin Hickman of Bremen, Tammy Houin of Plymouth, Patti Kitch of Bourbon, Carolyn Kline of Culver, Louise Mason of Bourbon, Robert Pickell of Plymouth, Sarah Smith of Plymouth, Susan Wagner of Plymouth and Jim Weirick of Culver. Sylvia Bieghler of Plymouth, Dean Byers of Plymouth and Susie Reinholt of Plymouth serve as advisors to the committee. Grants are awarded to support health and human services, youth, arts, civic and scientific endeavors, education, environmental and prevention of cruelty to animals and children as allowed by IRS regulations.
General Endowment Fund grant applications are due February 1 and August 1 each year. Ralph C. Vonnegut Fund grant applications are due February 1. Applications and more information may be obtained by calling the Marshall County Community Foundation at 574-935-5159 or visiting