Marshall County election list

Rachael Herbert-Varchetto
Staff Writer

MARSHALL COUNTY — The list of nominees filing for town conventions is complete for the upcoming elections in August for towns in the county.
According to state code, August 3 at noon was the deadline for filing declarations of candidacy for town conventions for town office whose population is less than 3,500 people.
The last day to hold a town convention is Friday, August 21.

Incumbent republican Patty Jones is running against Lisa Mullaney, republican, and Kelli Ven Der Weele, democrat, for clerk-treasurer.
On the council, republicans Dustin Johnson, incumbent, Edward Barcus, Craig Ellis, Charles Randy Snead, Juli Stauffer, and incumbent Mark Van Der Weele, are running

Kimberly Berger, democrat incumbent, runs unopposed.
For council, incumbents Philip Hanley and Larry Wattenbarger are running.

For position of clerk-treasurer, incumbent republican Karen Heim is running against democrat Gil Standley.
On the council, incumbent republicans Jean Rakich and Ginny Munroe are running along with Robert Cooper, republican, libertarian Joel Samuelson, and democrat Tammy Shaffer.

As no one has run against the current clerk-treasurer, per Indiana State Election Code, Susan Albert will retain her position, unless she resigns.
On the council, democrats Lorraine Dove and Roger Ecker, incumbents are running, along with fellow incoming democrat Ryan Young.