Marquardt honored by his peers

PLYMOUTH — The city of Plymouth has a new honoree among its department heads.
Plymouth Street Depart-ment Superintendent Jim Marquardt been named by the Indiana Street Commissioners as Street Superintendent of the Year at the annual convention.
The award was presented to Marquardt by Lebanon Street Superintendent Larry Lee and voted on by the superintendents throughout the state.
“I really don’t know what I did to deserve this honor,” said Marquardt of the award. “It really does mean something since it comes from other street superintendents.”
“This is a reflection of great leadership and hard work that is done by the city of Plymouth’s department heads,” said Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter, who was a speaker at the annual event. “Jim Marquardt has always been very accessible to the citizens of Plymouth and he deserves to be recognized.”
Marquardt has been employed by the city of Plymouth since February of 1985 and be-came the street superintendent during Mayor Jim Yeazel’s term in January 2000.
“I’ve been a member of the organization for a lot of years and gotten to know a lot of people,” said Marquardt. “The greatest thing about the organization is that I’ve gotten to be very close with a lot of the other superintendents around and there are some of them that I call on a regular basis with questions on how they handle things. It’s been very useful to gain all that information.”