Local nursery brings home Christmas tree prize

HAMLET — They must have something in the soil to the west.
Hensler Nursery’s of Hamlet took two of their Christmas trees to the Indiana State Fair this month and came home batting 1.000. An eight foot White Pine entered in the contest took home a Grand Champion prize and a seven foot Frazer Fir was named reserve champion. Each brought home blue ribbons.
“You’re only allowed to enter two trees,” said John Hensler of Hensler Nursery. “We’re really pleased we were able to take part in conjunction with the Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association. We’re especially happy to bring home two prize trees.”
The trees must be in their natural state for the contest with no cosmetic or artificial enhancements. Trees must be between six and eight feet tall.
“I think the fact that the pine was the full eight feet tall may have been a big reason it won Grand Champion,” said Hensler. “Sometimes size is impressive.”
The Christmas tree contest just starts the busy season for Hensler’s, getting ready to host their annual fall festival and also for the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth, before moving into full Christmas mode.
“We will have a float in the Blueberry Festival parade like we have for quite a few years now,” said Henlser. “We’ll also be decorating the Amphitheatre as we have for the last few years, one half will be fall and the other half will be Christmas. We love coming to Plymouth for the Festival because we get a chance to meet so many people.”
Hensler’s is preparing for their Fall Festival that will run from Sept. 25 through the month of October at the Nursery just off of U.S. 30 in Hamlet across from Oregon-Davis Schools. One of the highlights of that festival is the giant pumpkin weigh in. Pumpkin growers from around the Midwest bring their prize wares to Hensler’s.
“We have an 1,100 pound pumpkin on display at the nursery right now we’re hoping that we can possibly bring it out to the Blueberry Festival and put it on display as part of the decorations at the Amphitheatre,” said Hensler. “We still have to work out some details as to how to get it there, like finding a fork lift to pick it up, but if we can work it out we’re going to try.”
To see photos of some giant winners from past festivals you can visit Hensler’s website at http://henslernurseryindiana.com/.