Local biz donates rehabbed city sign

PLYMOUTH — Visitors to Plymouth this weekend might notice the bright blue and silver sign at the Plymouth-Goshen Trail entrance to Centennial Park, commemorating the city’s 125th anniversary in 1998.
The sign was donated by Titus, Inc., a Plymouth-based business, in 1998 and recently refurbished for free by the same company.
“I noticed that the sign had started chipping and peeling and it just looked terrible,” said Tom Read, president and CEO of Titus. “I contacted Mike (Hite, park superintendent) and said, ‘We have to fix this before the Blueberry Festival.’”
The work took about two days, and the sign is now a brighter color remarkably similar to the color of the festival’s well-known mascot.
“We matched Blueberry Hank’s legs accidentally,” said Read, chuckling.
The inside of the sign, made from stainless steel, was rebuffed so the letters are more reflective to passing motorists. The value of the sign when it was originally made in 1998 was around $2,000, and the recent remodel represents about $800 worth of work.
“I noticed the sign was (looking) dingy for a while now, but I didn’t know the history (of the sign),” said Hite. “That’s what’s neat about Plymouth — local businesses are working to go the extra mile and help us out.”
“Plymouth is our home and we want to do all we can to make it look nice,” said Read. “A lot of people will come through here this weekend, and…we are proud of Plymouth.”
Hite noted that Titus had also previously donated swings to the park department. Read said that he is interested in some downtown improvement projects as well, and plans to speak with Mayor Mark Senter about his ideas soon.
Titus, Inc. has been in operation in Plymouth for 20 years. The company is located at 9887 6B Road.