Lightning damage to well, plant

PLYMOUTH — During the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting last night, Plymouth Utility Superintendent, Donnie Davidson, reported some damage to a well at the Ledyard Water Plant.
Davidson said, ‘We had some pretty severe lightning damage.’
He said the strike actually hit the building and then went out and hit a well. Among items damaged were electronic components, soft starts and a flow meter. According to Davidson, the city does have insurance that could cover the damage. Davidson noted that the repairs could reach $20,000 and that the deductible on the policy is $5,000. Davidson said the city will have to provide documentation for the damage to the insurance company.
Additionally, he requested that the city accept the utilities at Parkview Place, and before accepting the utilities from the contractor, the city must receive an easement for water and sewer lines. He referred to the easement strip as a valuable piece of property that connects Parkview and Novelty Streets. The vote to accept was unanimous.
• City Engineer Rick Gaul said he intends to patch the worse spots on First Street. He indicated that the area to be improved was about a 450 foot section.
Gaul requested that he be allowed to take proposal and bids for the project. The board voted unanimously in approval.
The project was originally slated for a more extensive work. Toni Hutchings, clerk-treasurer, suggested that the city take bids for both types of projects. Gaul estimated that the full project could reach $90,000 and the patching approach could be in the $55,000-$60,000 range. The Board members agreed with Hutchings and voted to proceed with the proposals and bids.
• City Attorney Nelson Chipman presented two lease agreements with wireless internet providers. The lease will allow D.C. Tech Solutions. Inc. to erect equipment on a water tower and a radio tower. According to the agreement, no money will change hands, but the company will provide service to all city buildings except the fire station. They will also provide services for the downtown area. The lease is for three years.
A similar lease agreement was also entered into with Fourway Computer Products, Inc. The lease will also be for three years. The company will pay $50 per month for the right to put equipment the radio tower. They will also provide limited access to the fire station.
The matter has been in the hands of Chipman and others for several weeks. The two companies are competitors and stipulations such as frequencies and equipment location had to be worked out prior to the lease agreements begin put in place.
• Although not on the agenda, Board Member Mike Delp asked that an area on Baker Street on the north side of Plymouth High School be looked at. He said, “My eyes were opened this week when I saw some 30 kids walking where there are no curbs and sidewalks. There are white lines painted on the street to designate walking paths.