Learning with help from ND guest educator

Riverside Intermediate School in Plymouth was excited to host Anita Beebe from the University of Notre Dame as a guest science educator for the sixth grade students.
Beebe is the Bioeyes project educator through Notre Dame’s outreach program and is working with 70 trained teachers in the area to bring the Bioeyes program to the students. Riverside is fortunate that all of the sixth grade science teachers have been trained through the program. 
Beebe brings adult zebra fish to the schools to demonstrate the scientific method and to allow students to observe the development of zebra fish from the embryo stage. Students learn to answer such questions as “What type of offspring will be produced when a striped and an albino fish mate?” 
“The students enjoy being real scientists,” said Principal Donna Burroughs.
At the front table are Sophia Keller and Emily Hoffer; and back table on left: Kelly Rosas, Andrea Soria, Colin Roth and Drake Martin; and back right table: Vanessa Valdez and Felicia Dixon.
Photo provided