LaPaz resident celebrates 105th birthday

LAPAZ — Cindy Wingett turned 105 on Thursday. The lifelong resident of LaPaz may have some memory loss, but she clearly remembers an event that happened when she was just 18.
That’s how old she was when she met her husband, Donald.
Although Donald passed away more than 40 years ago, Cindy lights up when she tells the story of how they met.
“I was with my friend, and she said, hey look there’s two guys, I know them,” remembered Cindy. “They pulled right up to the curb and talked to us, and we told them we were going to the show. They took us to the show that day, and…well, that was it.”
Donald and Cindy were married for 44 years.
They had two children, the late JoAnn and Donald, who currently resides in Lakeville. Cindy also raised a young girl who lived in the neighborhood, Marsha Mageras.
According to Cindy’s friends, she loves to cook and makes homemade noodles, jams, and jellies to pass out at Christmas time.
“I like to cook, but (this weekend) I’m getting company from Minnesota, and I told them they are doing their own cooking this year,” said Cindy, laughing.
Cindy will celebrate her birthday Sunday with friends and family with an open house at the LaPaz Fire Station meeting room from 1 to 4:30 p.m.
Cindy has lived in her home in LaPaz for her entire life. Last year, her granddaughter Deb Reed moved in to help her.
Cindy attends REAL Services lunches at the LaPaz Fire Station and has for many years, according to director Jayne Pesch.
“She’s been coming here ever since it started,” said Pesch.
Her other activities include playing cards at the Bremen VFW, reading, or doing puzzles.
“I’m not much of a TV watcher,” said Cindy. “I can’t just sit and watch TV — I can always find something to do.”