Langdon will live the dream of walking the red carpet

LOS ANGELES, CA – Monday night Plymouth High School graduate Tyler Langdon will have his moment.
He’ll walk the “red carpet” with the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Sean Penn on his way to accepting the Hollywood Discovery Award as part of this year’s Hollywood Film Festival.
“My family took a trip to Los Angeles – I think it was around the time I graduated from high school – and we took the whole tour. Went to the (Kodak) theatre where they hold the Oscars every year,” said Tyler. “They have the whole thing set up there with the red carpet and the plaques on the wall for all the films that have won over the years and spaces for the ones in the future.
“I remember my mom commented that maybe a film I’d be involved with would take one of those empty spots some day. That wasn’t real then but now it feels like that actually might be possible some day.”
Langdon was nominated for the award by submitting a short film scene to an award winning group of casting directors who decided the list of new talent to be considered for the award given to a rising star in the film industry. After that it was up to the voters who went to the Yahoo Movies sight to watch the clips and cast their ballot.
“I really appreciate everything that everybody did to help me,” said Tyler. “It’s really nice to know how much people in your home town rally around you.”
“I’m really excited. This is an opportunity that’s so far above the kind of opportunity people at this level in their careers normally get.”
While he is on top of the world right now, Tyler still has his feet on the ground. He knows the chance to stand in front many of Hollywood’s elite on Monday night and accept the award could be the biggest audition of his young career.
“That’s how I’m looking at it,” he said. “Hopefully the award speaks to my talent and ability this is a chance for me to catch people’s attention. I was texting my father the other day and I said this is a great opportunity but I really want to be sure this is just the beginning and not the peak.”
Tyler has made a few friends in his time in Hollywood that are offering some help. Vicki Stern a writer who was in charge of comedy for NBC studios in the 1980’s and her husband Jay Stern who was the producer of the Rush Hour movies have taken the young actor under their wing.
“Vicki is going to help me write an acceptance speech to make sure that it’s really great,” said Tyler. “I think they’re going to help me pick out a suit for Monday too. They’ve been like family to me since I’ve been out here and I couldn’t get any better advice.”
And he has started practicing his acceptance speech.
“The support I’ve gotten is so much more than I could have imagined and I can’t thank everybody enough.”