Kurt Kemble joins Culver Post Office as new postmaster

Staff Writer

If the face of the new postmaster at the Culver Post Office looks familiar, it’s entirely possible that Culver residents have seen him before. Kurt Kemble of Knox has been in the Knox or Plymouth area for much of his life.

Growing up on the family farm in the Knox area, Kemble graduated from Hanover College with a degree in business and history. It was actually family history that eventually brought him to the United States Postal Service.

“My grandpa was postmaster in Knox for twenty years, from 1950 to 1970,” he shares. “At that time, postmasters were appointed by the President!”

“We still get our benefits as federal employees, and we have something similar to teachers’ Rule of 85 for retirement,” he explains, adding that the postal service has been its own since the Reagan years. “The Postal Commission still has to approve rate hikes, too.” The federal government pays for supplies as well.

Prior to coming to Culver January 3, Kemble was at the Plymouth Post Office for twelve years, serving as a supervisor there since 2009. “It’s pretty intricate there,” he says. “I went from supervising eleven city routes and six rural routes in Plymouth to two city and three rural routes in Culver.” Even with the Culver office being at the smallest level, there are still ten employees. “Culver couldn’t go without its own post office.” He chuckles when asked about how one is prepared for the position of postmaster. “Supervisor training is three weeks; we have one week of training for postmaster.”