Kitty Kitty Hog come home

Kitty Kitty Hog has been missing since just before this year’s Blueberry Festival began. Kitty Kitty Hog is a tuxedo cat with shortened front legs, but normal length back legs. Owner Jamie Allen has not lost hope of being reunited with Kitty Kitty Hog.
James Master
Staff Writer

Kitty Kitty Hog has been missing since August, but that has not caused Owner Jamie Allen to lose hope that one day she will be reunited with her lost feline companion.
“I just know I’m going to get him back. There’s too many people looking for him,” said Allen.
Allen is not native to Marshall County, she resides in Florida. She travels across the country touring with the Allen’s Original Redwood Log House. One of the stops in the tour is the Marshall County Blueberry Festival. This year, Allen was also traveling with three dogs and Kitty Kitty Hog. When they arrived at their destination at Centennial Park, she let her pets out to stretch their legs.
According to Allen, Kitty Kitty Hog stays within a few feet of Allen’s camper at all times, but when she noticed that Kitty Kitty Hog was nowhere to be seen, that was when nervousness set in.According to Allen there has been a possible sighting of Kitty Kitty Hog on Thursday, Dec. 21. He was spotted in the park behind the Long John Silver restaurant in Plymouth.
“I would like the general public to know that if you see Kitty Kitty Hog, take a picture of him so we can determine if it’s him or not. Because I don’t want to send the trappers on a wild goose chase,” said Allen.
If you have any information regarding Kitty Kitty Hog you can contact Allen at 813-765-0077. You can also visit the Facebook group Kitty Hog come home for more details. Anyone that has information on Kitty Kitty Hog can also contact the Marshall County Humane Society at 574-936-8300.
“Every time that phone rings and it comes up 574, I get excited,” said Allen.