King crowned in Bremen

BREMEN — Bremen’s newest “king” was in the building but he wasn’t doing any singing. He played piano in fact, during the fifth annual Lion King Contest held at Bremen High School’s Bowen Auditorium Thursday evening. Contestant number four, Thomas Manges, earned the right to wear the crown and also earned the title of Academics winner. Manges will have a total of $1,050 to give to his charity of choice, the school tennis team. First runner up was number 10, Tim Moser; the poise and appearance category winner was number 11, Jordan Sinclair; talent winner was number nine, Patrick Donaghey; fitness winner was number one, Alex Kline; and “Spirit of Pride Rock” winner was number three, Kyle Anderson.
Though the evening began with bit of a late start (no more than 10 minutes as two of the contestants had not returned from a golfing competition) the young men vying for the titles made up for it with their charm, creativity and talents. BHS Principal Bruce Jennings jokingly said at the start of the event, “Honestly, this could be a career-ending decision,” of the idea to allow the male seniors to share their creativity onstage in order to try to earn money for area charities. “The first time I really saw their talents was Monday night,” he said. “The talent … to say the least, is unique. You’ll see some things tonight that you won’t believe. … It’s like Saturday Night Live because you don’t know what might happen.” The boys however, did not let him down and acted appropriately and respectfully. At times though, the “ornery” did reveal itself, because after all, they are teenagers.
During the poise and appearance portion of the competition, they were introduced by gowned young ladies whom the young men worked as live props to show off their charm, and came out dressed in formal suit and tie — some sporting dark “shades,” boutonniéres, or hats. One contestant (number 12, Ty Holmes) wore the suit that his grandfather Larry Weston had worn.
Contestants were each asked questions about why they chose the charity they had and a second question each randomly selected from a hat. Contestant number one, Alex Kline, was asked if there was one thing he could do to change the world, what would it be and why, to which he answered, “Lower gas prices, and maybe get some world peace too.” Number two, Brandon Cope, was asked what makes him most proud to be a Bremen Lion, to which he replied, “There is no place in the world to get a better education.” Number three, Kyle Anderson, was asked what was the one thing he wished he had done differently during high school. He replied, “I would have joined in some sports.” Number four, Thomas Manges, was asked, “What special talent would you most like to have and why?” He answered with a question of his own, “Talent or Super Power?” He then said he would like to he able to play guitar.
Number five, Michael Ricketts, was asked, “If you only had one more day to live, what would you do with that time?” His answer was simple. “Eat. … A lot!” Number six, Justin Doll, was asked if he had a magic wand, what one thing would he wish for. He answered, “A new car.” Number seven, Morgan Weldy, was asked if he could meet one person living or deceased, who would it be and why. He said he honestly had no idea and then said he’d love to meet Mr. Holmes. Number eight, Blain Pearl, was asked who or what inspired him the most. He wisely answered, “Mrs. Newcomb,” who was a teacher acting as one of the judges. Number nine, Patrick Donaghey, was asked what his most prized possession was. He said, he most prized his guitars and warned, “Keep your hands off.”Contestant number 10, Tim Moser, was asked how important it was to him to look good and why. He said that one should always look good because, “You never know who’s looking.” Number 11, Jordan Sinclair, was asked to describe his mission in life. His answer was answered by high pitched screams from the audience, “My mission is to blow the girls away.” Number 12, Ty Holmes, was asked, “What is the best advice you’ve been given.” He said the best thing he had been taught was how to, “Dougie.”
The talent portion came next and the young men performed numbers that ranged from singing, dancing, playing the piano or guitar, to killing bad guys with a, “light saber,” and wheeling across the stage in a banana costume to, “I’m a banana…I’m a banana…I’m a banana.” The banana, winner of the Fitness category, was more impressive for his athletic show, hopping across the stage on one foot, bouncing off a trampoline, and then slam dunking a ball through a Nerf hoop. Donaghey earned his Talent title by starting out singing and playing the piano to singing while playing guitar in a medley that featured Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, and finished off with Cee Lo Green. While all the students did entertain the audience, perhaps the most talented were the educators. Matthew Sutton (on piano), music instructor, and Kathy Overmyer (vocals), choir director, presented a Broadway-worthy rendition of, “14 G.” Later, Overmyer, as Cher to Mark Yoder’s (History and P.E. Teacher) “Sonny” caused the full auditorium audience to go wild.
Government teacher Laura Watts’ dance routine showed that should she want to, she could change her career to ballet. In all, the young men raised a total of $2,300 for their charities of choice.