Kayla Miracle gets off to undefeated start with CMA wrestling

CULVER — It’s not that Culver Military head wrestling coach Matt Behling hasn’t seen female wrestlers before.
It’s just that he’s never seen one quite this good.
Freshman Kayla Miracle is off to an undefeated start with CMA wrestling, moving to a remarkable 16-0 record with the team after going 5-0 over the weekend.
“I have to believe that’s a pretty good start for a girl in Indiana wrestling,” understated Behling. “And she’s not squeaking by either. She has nine pins this year, which is pretty good.”
When Miracle decided to make the move from Bloomington to the Academies at the start of the 2010-11 school season, Behling wasn’t sure what to expect. With a father who coaches Hoosier Elite wrestling club and a brother on his way to wrestle at West Point next year, Behling was impressed with what he found.
“I didn’t know anything about her. I didn’t know who she was. I hadn’t heard of her, but I contacted her father and after speaking with him I found out wow, this girl’s pretty good,” Behling said. “She has aspirations to be an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling on the girls’ side. For me, that was a great opportunity for us to meet up because we’re trying to develop a great program here at Culver, and if our coaching staff can help her toward her goals and going on to do great things then I think that’s really good for our program. We’re just glad to have her.”
Miracle says her transition to the team has been an easy one. She’s been wrestling since she was 4 years old so neither the sport or wrestlers are anything new to her, and she said her Culver teammates have been more than accepting of her.
“In practices I’ve always had my dad as a coach and I’ve been wrestling a long time, so they all know who I am and they drill with me just like I’m another guy,” she said. “Coming into Culver, the coach talked to the boys and they knew that I was coming onto the team, and they were great. They just welcomed me.”