Jordan and Schmeltz duel in 1600 as area teams compete at Bremen Girls Track Sectional

BREMEN — Bremen’s Hope Jordan and LaVille’s Elaine Schmeltz both went the distance at the Bremen Girls Track Sectional Tuesday.
Jordan used a last-lap burst to surge past Schmeltz and capture the 1600 meter crown, while Schmeltz bounced back to dominate the 3200 meters. Jordan also finished third in the 800 to advance to next Tuesday’s Bremen Regional.
“Elaine is a great competitor,” Jordan, a senior, said. “I have so much respect for her. I’ve run against her so many times, and now it looks like we’ll be running against each other in college.
“I give all the credit to God,” she added. “I thank God for the talent he’s given me. First or last, I just want to do my best for him.”
In the mile run, Schmeltz, a senior, raced to the front in the second lap, expanded her edge and held the point until Jordan caught her and glided into the lead on the backstretch during the final circuit. Jordan clocked in at 5:14.65, 4.54 seconds ahead of second-place Kristina Galat of Penn, who passed Schmeltz in the final meters.
“I was thinking that second still qualifies,” Jordan said of her mid-race mindset. “I don’t know if Elaine was saving some for the 3200. I felt good on the last turn and took a chance.”
If Schmeltz was leaving a little in the tank for the 2-mile, it worked. She raced side by side with Galat through the first mile before gapping the Penn runner and winning by better than 12 seconds.
“I feel so comfortable now running,” Schmeltz said. “It’s a nice day, just a beautiful day to run; there’s no wind. I felt pretty good.
“I’m pretty excited,” she added. “It’s my first year winning sectional. All my hard work finally paid off.”
Schmeltz proceeded straight from the 3200 to the 4 x 400 relay, where she lined up next to Jordan as both waited to run their respective anchor legs.
“Elaine and I were both laughing,” Jordan said. “I’ll focus on my races next week, but it was fun to be with my girls one more time in the relays.”
Also for Bremen, junior high jumper Jenna Pfeiffer, who set a school record during last week’s Northern State Conference meet, finished second with a leap of 5-foot-4. She also advanced with a fourth-place time in the 100 hurdles. Kaley Gann checked in second in the long jump for the Lions, and Brittney Pittman moved on as well with a third-place mark in the pole vault.
“I’m excited to be moving on with Brittney, Jenna, and Kaley, and I wish them good luck,” Jordan said. “I can’t wait to see what next week brings.”
Schmeltz said she enters regional action with one aim.
“Going to state’s my goal,” she said. “I’ve wanted it since my freshman year. I’ll just work hard in practice and see what happens.”
LaVille high jumper Emily Langford rounded out local regional qualifiers with a third-place finish.
On the team ledger, St. Joe collected its first girls track sectional title in school history, beating out runner-up Penn by five points.
Penn pole vaulter Mackenzie Redman set a new sectional record, clearing 11-6.
TEAM SCORES: St. Joseph’s 124.5, Penn 119.5, Adams 95, Mishawaka 95, Bremen 65, Clay 36, Marian 31, LaVille 25, Washington 21, Riley 10, Glenn 2.
 4x800 relay: 1. Mishawaka (Jessica Balko, Miranda Stewart, Katelyn Husband, Allison Zylstra) 9:48.35; 2. St. Joseph’s (Ali Connelly, Elisa Revak, Madeline Kearney, Michelle Potter) 9:49.41; 3. Penn (Allyssa Marlow, Jennifer Priebe, Danielle Fahey, Katie Martin) 10:14.41; 4. Clay (Amanda Farrough, Isabel Keultjes, Samantha Burrows, Toria Sullivan) 10:23.58; 5. Bremen (Sara Slabaugh, Jorgi Klockow, Amy Fanning, Megan Burcham) 10:43.33; 100 hurdles: 1. Amani Morgan (Adams) 15.45; 2. J’Shante Gunn (Washington) 16.08; 3. Mikaila Chamblee (St. Joseph’s) 16.29; 4. Jenna Pfeiffer (Bremen) 16.39; 7. Kaley Gann (Bremen) 17.99; 100: 1. Aaliyah McKinney (Adams) 12.52; 2. Abena Gyasiwa (Mishawaka) 12.75; 3. Rachel Staud (St. Joseph’s) 12.78; 4. Savannah Newsome (Adams) 12.82; 1,600: 1. Hope Jordan (Bremen) 5:14.65; 2. Kristina Galat (Penn) 5:19.19; 3. Elaine Schmeltz (LaVille) 5:20.56; 4. Jessica Balko (Mishawaka) 5:34.87; 5. Sara Slabaugh (Bremen) 5:38.57; 4x100 relay: 1. Adams (Amani Morgan, Savannah Newsome, Georgia Williams, Aaliyah McKinney) 49.41; 2. St. Joseph’s (Rachel Staud, Katie Campbell, Mikaila Chamblee, Morgan Carroll) 49.91; 3. Penn (Hailey Lampos, Valerie Whitmer, Mackenzie Redman, Alyssa Hummel) 50.01; 4. Mishawaka (Ashley Spence, Chelsey Wakes, Casidhe Vandall, Abena Gyasiwa) 51.31; 5. Bremen (Jasmine Schafer, Vianca Montes de Oca, Paige Weldy, Shannan Miller) 53.08; 7. Glenn (Emily Schmalzried, Cayla Ochs, Elizabeth Dodson, Stephanie Radandt) 53.71; 8. LaVille (Cassandra Zartman, Nina Zeiger, Elaina Ruiz, Emily Langford) 55.58. 400: 1. Savannah Newsome (Adams) 1:00.09; 2. Maggie Hartnagel (Marian) 1:01.59; 3. Georgia Williams (Adams) 1:01.93; 4. Lindsey Young (Mishawaka) 1:02.49; 300 hurdles: 1. Mikaila Chamblee (St. Joseph’s) 46.49; 2. Kaitlyn Redman (Penn) 47.43; 3. Amani Morgan (Adams) 48.63; 4. Kelcie Bailey (Penn) 48.76; 6. Jenna Pfeiffer (Bremen) 49.79; 800: 1. Katelyn Husband (Mishawaka) 2:24.32; 2. Sophie Glassford (Penn) 2:24.89; 3. Hope Jordan (Bremen) 2:25.29; 4. Katie Martin (Penn) 2:26.29; 7. Leigha Manuel (LaVille) 2:30.67; 200: 1. Aaliyah McKinney (Adams) 25.43; 2. Morgan Carroll (St. Joseph’s) 26.09; 3. Abena Gyasiwa (Mishawaka) 26.33; 4. Alyssa Hummel (Penn) 26.59; 3,200: 1. Elaine Schmeltz (LaVille) 11:39.17; 2. Kristina Galat (Penn) 11:51.55; 3. Lauren Pottschmidt (Penn) 12:03.12; 4. Toria Sullivan (Clay) 12:06.29; 7. Sara Slabaugh (Bremen) 12:25.91; 4x400 relay: 1. Adams (Georgia Williams, Aaliyah McKinney, Chrishana Stoner, Savannah Newsome) 4:03.65; 2. Mishawaka (Allison Zylstra, Abena Gyasiwa, Katelyn Husband, Ashley Spence) 4:06.45; 3. St. Joseph’s (Michelle Potter, Elisa Revak, Ellen McClain, Morgan Carroll) 4:10.99; 4. Penn (Kiersten Dilts, Sophie Glassford, Allyssa Marlow, Kristen Johnson) 4:15.29; 7. Bremen (Shannan Miller, Jenna Pfeiffer, Paige Weldy, Hope Jordan) 4:26.10; Pole vault: 1. Mackenzie Redman (Penn) 11-6 (RECORD; old 11-0 by Lindsay Johnston of Penn in 2005); 2. Whitney Grace (Penn) 10-6; 3. Brittney Pittman (Bremen) 10-6; 4. Elizabeth Eversole (Marian) 9-0; High jump: 1. Michelle Adeniyi (Clay) 5-4; 2. Jenna Pfeiffer (Bremen) 5-4; 3. Emily Langford (LaVille) 5-0; 4. Mollie Gillean (St. Joseph’s) 4-10; Discus: 1. Maggie Reisdorf (Mishawaka) 111-5; 2. Melissa Macellari (St. Joseph’s) 105-11; 3. Maria Tomlinson (Mishawaka) 105-4; 4. Danielle Gabrish (Penn) 98-4; Long jump: 1. Mikaila Chamblee (St. Joseph’s) 16-2.25; 2. Kaley Gann (Bremen) 15-6; 3. Brittney Fuller (Penn) 15-5; 4. Brittany Duszynski (Marian) 15-3.25; 8. Vianca Montes de Oca (Bremen) 14-10; Shot put: 1. Maria Tomlinson (Mishawaka) 37-4; 2. Melissa Macellari (St. Joseph’s) 36-5; 3. Melanie Nellis (Penn) 34-11; 4. Amani Morgan (Adams) 33-6; SCRATCHES: Kristina Galat (Penn) 1,600; Mikaila Chamblee (St. Joseph’s) 100 hurdles.